Ministry basics: 

The institution that God put in place to care for His children is the family.  The focus of the single mother program is to help these mothers keep their families together - first by knowing Jesus and walking with Him and then by helping them be better mothers.  This is done through relationship with them using the following methods: 

  • Monthly fellowship and spiritual encouragement meetings - topics range from abuse to child rearing - always based in the Word.  
  • In-home discipleship visits where we share God's Word and pray with them individually where they are.  
  • Weekly prayer meetings. 

There are other ancillary programs and projects to the mothers and their children that are done on an as needed basis such as after-school tutoring, small business training, food and medical aid, and boys youth activities.  

Nueva Suyapa

Nueva Suyapa is a "suburb" of the capital city of Tegucigalpa.  It sits directly behind the largest Catholic basilica of Honduras and from this derives its name - which translated means "New Mary".  Given the urban location and current state of the country of Honduras;  drugs, gangs, prostitution, and the resulting violence are part of normal every day living.   Through years of an abusive patriarchal society, oppressive poverty, governmental corruption and the new onslaught of violence in the country, there are an inordinate number of mothers raising their children alone, either through death of their spouse or abandonment.  Sticking true to the vision of FHK, the ministry to this single mother group and their children in Nueva Suyapa is a partnership with our Honduran home church of Brigadas de Amor Cristiana (BAC).  It is based out of a BAC run day-care center and was started by a pillar of faith and strong single mother (now grandmother, she is 70+ years old), Esperanza (or Hope - fittingly).  I am blessed to walk along side her, learn from her, and be a part of this ministry FOR HIS KINGDOM.