Specific Prayer Requests:

  • We need more partners to donate monthly a small amount ($25 - $100) in order to stabilize ministry expenses.
  • A suitable vehicle for the remote ministry as our Landcruiser is old and maintenance costs are extremely high!
  • Juan Ramon, a 12 year old Tolupan boy, is having serious heart problems and the medical attention (public in Honduras) has been unable to find the problem.  
  • Carolina, having come out of prostitution and stealing, has accepted Jesus and changing her life but a drug-crazed brother is forcing her back into it to earn him money.  

Praying for us;

"...the prayers of the saints, went up before God..."  Rev. 8: 4

We covet your prayers!  There are those that we always cherish, and then there are those specific to a time, season or concern.  We will try to keep you updated with the latter, but without neglecting the former.  Here are the always-and-forever needs:

  • Anointing in ministry through the Holy Spirit.
  • Safety and good health for the missionary families!
  • God's provision through the Body of Christ to continue this work.  Salvation is free, but ministry costs money!
  • Discernment of God's will daily and the ability to follow it.